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Minix One is the rapidly rising and most promising crypto trading program currently available that focus on providing profitable crypto investment solutions via AI bot trading. The vigorous activity in this area has allowed the Company to generate an effective team of experts and get a great practical experience.

Minix One is a leading platform and they are creating a growing trading company in the UK . For investment we provide reliable and legal way to trade and accept bitcoins, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and Etherum to make good profits to there investors. It has never been easier to accept bitcoins for retail merchants. They have developed a convenient way to charge customers in Bitcoins without the need to deploy any hardware. They are real trading company and we share the profits with our investors.

Cryptocurrency coins are a kind of digital asset for which cryptography is used It is usually used to buy goods and services, It acts as a "peer to peer electronic" cash system. It can be used with the help of internet and With this help money can be easily hidden. There is no need to go to any bank or other government institution for its use Therefore, with the help of crypto conference, its money can easily be hidden. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the first global decentralized currency created for the digital world.

It can be used anytime and anywhere with this help a person can send money to any other person without the help of a third party and bank. That is, you can send money from another person's bitcoin wallet with your bitcoin wallet. If you have more money and you want to invest somewhere, then most of the time you need help from a third party That is, if you want to buy land with your money, then you need the Bank, etc... while investing here you do not need any third party. So, in a short span of time, investing your money can rest be assured here.

If we talk about the growth of cryptocurrency, then investing in it is a great deal of profit. Today there are about 1000 types of cryptocurrency present in the market and the value of all these coins was not equal at the time of its launch. However, in a few years, they have reached $1000. Now you take Bitcoin for a example, When Bitcoin was launched, there was a transaction of $1 million daily in the world, in which there was no transaction of bid in 1 dollar.

But today's Bitcoin is trading in 1 trillion dollars in a week, while the transaction of physical currency in the whole world is about 70 trillion dollars a week. Starting from the price of 1 dollar, bitcoin has reached a price of $4000 today and still growing... So you can now ask yourself, can i guess what can happen in the future of cryptocurrency? We are a Crypto Currency trading company and our main purpose is to trade and give back returns to our beloved investors. Don’t miss this unique opportunity of Investing with us Today!

In order to withdraw your profit you need to withdrawal request on Withdraw page in your member area. Please type withdrawing amount and choose payment system which you have used for making your deposits.You can check all actual investment plans in your member area on Deposit page in your dashboard.

The minimum deposit amount is $10. Maximum - $25000. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 , Funds are usually available within 1 - 4hrs of Request. Working Hours are: 7:00AM - 11:00PM .

Minix One Accept cryptocurrency such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash.

Professional Team : They have professional Team. Your investment is safe in our firm and your profit is guaranteed. their team will do their best to serve you.

Profits : All profits will be caculated hourly to your account balance. You can withdraw them anytime and minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1

Manual Payment System : They use manual payment system. Deposit & Withdrawals are manual, it's very easy to make investments and withdraw profits.

User-friendly Interface : Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the online investment field, they are sure that you will find our platform easy to use. It's designed to be easy to navigate on any device you choose.

SSL Security : They use Comodo SSL Security to protect all investor's data, Password and pin code. All of your money kept safety with us anytime.

24/7 Customer Support: They provide unbeatable support service through ticket system, email and phone to cater your needs and give a professional, fast and effectively response.