Pro Mine LTD Review – Earn Up to 6% Daily for 30 Days - SCAM

PROMINE Limited is a legal company incorporated in the United Kingdom. Pro Mine Limited is a company created to give their investors the opportunity to achieve a completely passive income from investment in cryptocurrency mining. By investing in our mining plans, you can buy your share in the technical infrastructure for profitable mining. We are able to offer you a stable profit from 3.5% to 6% per day. Our plans have been calculated in this way to guarantee you such profits from the value of your investment.We offer you a stable investment and real profits.

Pro Mine LIMITED is working with Bitcoin as payment instruments. Note that Bitcoin, crediting to the deposit balance takes some time: it will be processed after 3 confirmations of the Bitcoin network.However, any profit withdrawal request will be processed automatically and immediately after creation.

This is the main idea in general terms. they do not focus on mining one cryptocurrency. By analyzing future prices, they always choose the best way out. The techniques we use to crypto-cloud mining give excellent results that we can pass on to our investors who do not have to do it themselves. We use the latest equipment, which, with a professionally selected configuration, allows you to achieve even higher results with a relatively low level of investment.

Register a free account and start your first step to passive daily income.work_block_icon Invest.Input your preferred investment amount and purchase mining plan to get a stable daily income. work_block_icon start earning.Watch your balance grow daily, directly to your account without doing any work. work_block_icon withdraw profits.Withdraw your earnings whenever you want. 0.0006 BTC is the minimum amount of withdrawal.

Pro Mine Limited has a wide range of security measures to protect your account. their website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted. We use a licensed script for transactions together with online security certificates, you are able to see full list on our main page. Our website is located on a one of the best dedicated server.

You can start about USD 0.002 BTC investment Plans, Minimum Withdraw 0.0006 BTC, Withdrawal : Instant, Accept : Payment method: Bitcoin, Registration number: #11545837, Office address: 198 Tooley Street, London SE1 2NS, Company Number: 11545837

Why Limited - The Best

**1. Instant Payments Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it!

**2. Dedicated Server The website uses a very powerful dedicated server with the highest level of protection.

**Professional Team They are team of professional traders in Forex & Crypto Exchange and Coins trading who know how to grab the profit end of the day.

**3. AntiDDOS Protection Their company install DDoS Protection to mitigate all types of DDoS attacks.

**UK Registered Company They are a legal company registered in the Panama providing its investment services to the members all around the world.